100 Mile Club


Registration for 2015-2016 school year has begun! Don’t miss out!

We are accepting registration all year long.

The 100 Mile Club® is a physical fitness and life skills project for all individuals based on the goal of running (or walking) 100 miles at school or work during a single school year. Our goal is to help our runners experience fitness and TRUE personal success through attainable physical fitness goals. Students use and experience life skills based on The Pyramid of Success, designed by the legendary basketball coach, teacher, and mentor, Coach John Wooden.

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The 100 Mile Club® costs just $10.00 per participant per year! It’s that easy! Sign up early and begin earning your incentives, including a shirt!

Click here for 2015 -2016 forms (both the registration and waiver forms must be completed):

100 Mile Club Times:

We will be allowing participants to run/walk with us every

  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:00 – 7:30 a.m. (100 MC registered participants only)
  • 1st Wednesday of every month 4:00-5:00 p.m. (Everyone welcome! Even other 100 MC schools!) Dates; 9/02/15, 10/07/15, 11/04/15, 12/02/15, 02/03/16, 03/02/16, 05/04/16
  • Thursday’s during Lunch Recess (Students and Teachers only)
  • You can also run at other 100 mile club events throughout the city. You can find these opportunities by logging onto 100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club starts September 02, 2015

End of May 2016 will be the deadline to earn miles.

We look forward to running/walking with you!



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Helping Feet Miles:


Part of the mission of the 100 Mile Club® is to give back and teach the value of community service. We acknowledge the ability of each individual to do what they can to help local charities through the “Helping Feet” ™ program. Helping Feet™ teaches our kids that giving back is FUN and feels really good! It’s a beautiful thing.

For more information and registration, please visit: 100mileclub.com